Why Do People Hate Elon Musk?

Why Do People Hate Elon Musk?

It’s a common thing to receive hate. Everyone has someone somewhere who dislikes him or her. Even the kindest, most helpful, and most admirable person is sometimes viewed as the worst happening in the history of humankind. Therefore, you and other individuals in any part of the world are not exempt from hatred. In this article, it’s important and compelling to write on why the Tesla founder, Elon Musk, is hated by people.

People have different personalities, characters, and breaking points in which when they are affected, someone feels irritated, and hatred is elicited. In simple terms, hatred is natural, but what did Elon Musk do to deserve it?

Reasons Why People Hate Elon male

Elon Musk Is Rich and People Feel Envy for His Wealth

Perhaps the biggest issue that contributes a significant portion of Elon’s hate is the Tesla innovation. Envy is the worst feeling that can snatch human joy. It’s very hard for some individuals to feel better and celebrate the winnings of their neighbors or when the close competitors do better than they expect.

Have you ever experienced envy? The feeling takes root, and it’s a daunting task to differentiate between rational and irrational thoughts when you’re jealous. Psychologists acknowledge that many scientific facts should explain why someone feels upset when other people achieve worthwhile goals.

Elon Musk has been successful in Tesla motors and other ventures, including the establishment of PayPal. He has achieved various things that seem impossible. The dedication and commitment to success have made him feature in various television shows. He is the number one high-profile entrepreneur to be interviewed in over ten media companies and published in renowned magazines.

COVID-19 Misinformation

Elon is considered to be among the people who peddled the wrong information about the coronavirus. He stated that the respiratory virus was “Not deadly.”  Musk claimed that young people aren’t vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus despite many of them dying in large numbers due to the disease.

In addition, when Musk was tested and found to have contracted COVID-19. He was furious, and he started questioning the tests’ legitimacy after receiving contradicting negative and positive results. Elon Musk also added that he was not ready to get any vaccine against coronavirus.

Believed To Be Colonizing Outer Space

Elon Musk insists on civilizing space to improve the quality of life. Many people never stop questioning his plan. Whose life does Elon aim to improve? He plans to take approximately one million humans to Planet Mars before 2050. The plan uses the same strategies as the historical indentured servitude concept. To facilitate the transfers, Elon aims to offer a loan to the travelers, and they’re expected to clear it on arrival.

Takes Advantage of the Workers

There have been several allegations that Elon Musk is taking advantage of his working staff. He is accused of having once paid the outsourced workers some peasant money as little as $5. When the trustable reports were out for public consumption, Elon admitted the mistake and was forced to apologize.

Besides, he went against the labor laws when he decided to fire the activists of the Tesla union. He also went ahead and discouraged the workers from the virtue of unionizing.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Elon exposed his Tesla Workers to the deadly virus by re-opening the Factory in Alameda, California, even with the countrywide lockdown in place. It never took the workers so long before the virus outbreak was reported, and many families were affected. Because of that, Elon Musk was held responsible, and the workers plus their families never took the matter lightly.

Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla, which has been involved in various issues related to racism, homophobia, gender discrimination, and sexual harassment. Such inhumane practices have left many people wondering about the entire management team of the organization lead by Elon Musk.

Claimed That College Education Is a Waste of Time

Musk once said that one doesn’t have to go through a college education. He put it in the most humiliating manner by saying that it’s a way of wasting time on unrewarding stuff in life. The statement by Elon Musk triggered overwhelming emotions, especially from the people who have witnessed that college education has been the only key to their success.

Some people would agree that college is basically for fun and a place to waste someone’s precious time because of the high unemployment rate. For other people, that isn’t the case. There are people struggling day and light to raise some money for a college degree. Notably, Elon’s remarks on the importance of a college education are quite ironic. During the job interviews, the founder of Tesla motors needs employees who have either master’s or bachelor’s degrees in different fields.

Cryptocurrency Backlash

The crypto community has also had a problem with Elon Musk. His Twitter account once drove the volatility of Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. The biggest mess came in after the information and reports provided by Elon Musk were noted to manipulate the crypto market. A group of crypto connoisseurs disdained Elon’s effect, and they were forced to create the Stopelon as an alternative cryptocurrency.

Wealth Gaps

Elon Musk is the biggest problem with his status of being a billionaire. According to the 2021 Forbes index, he is the second richest person in the world. When Musk’s companies apply for corporate welfare or the property tax subsidy, it gets it the wrong way.

According to the June reports published by ProPublica, Musk usually pays lower true tax than the other Austen’s with lower federal income. Sources from ProPublica research show that most Richest Americans tend to pay very little or none of the income tax relative to the massive wealth gained from their businesses.

That’s the same case with Elon Musk, and the trend is demolishing the tax system of the United States. It’s fair if everyone can pay a reasonable tax share with equality. When Elon is asked about the tax woes, he gives a strong response, and the next moment he is poised for success regardless of what ‘s happening.



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