Why Did Donut Operator Resign?

Why Did Donut Operator Resign?

It’s quite uncommon to find a police officer leaving their career and becoming a full-time YouTuber.  Donut Operator is a former SWAT team member and a police officer who resigned only to be a YouTube channel operator.  The drastic transformation of his career has brought Donut more exposure and fame that he had never even received in his previous profession.

However, most people feel more concerned about why Donut Operator decided to leave his previous career as a police officer. After leaving the cop duty, Donut is now running a YouTube channel that offers details on what it’s happening within the precious entities of the United States police.

Cody Garret, or famously Donut Operator, loves making hilarious content that no cop can say or think in their rightful mind. The twisted sense of humor that he makes about the military services has made him excel in his YouTube channel. Donut is made to point out how America is getting ridiculous. Despite his excellence in content creation, that is not the sole reason he resigned from the police service.

Donut Operator turned down the police officer’s badge after working for two years in the services. He cited low pay, risks, and endless stress to be the reasons he decided to stop being a cop. Donut explains that he felt really desperate while working as a police officer. In 2018, he responded to a Twitter thread that he decided to resign as a cop so that he could pursue the dream of teaching women above 60 the aspects of nude yoga.

Who Is Donut Operator?

Donut Operator is the YouTube star born on 3rd September 1987 in the US as Cody Garret. He holds American nationality, and he is a native of South Carolina: currently, he holds a height of 5 feet 8 inches. He has a family consisting of his parents and a sister. Donut’s sister joined the police force in 2012, and she is married to Brandon, both with a child called Marty.

Garret graduated in 2014 from Spartanburg University College. It’s still unknown the exact time when Donut joined SWAT before leaving the secured path to pursue a career as a YouTube channel operator. However, it’s believed that Donut rose to fame in 2016 after the video showing him rescuing a kitten went viral. The news was even covered by the Huffington Post. Before the internet days, Donut Operator was a writer for Blue Lives Matter, the group that works as a police advocate.

The Marriage Life of Donut Operator

When Cody used to be a police officer, several marriage proposals approached him. However, the love-life of the YouTuber surfaced on the internet after he became a famous individual to make a drastic career change. Donut’s fans were so happy to see a gorgeous lady by his side.

Donut Operator enjoyed a very romantic life with Kaley. Kaley is a wine enthusiast, and they first met with Donut in April 2018. The two have never turned back to regret the day they first met. The couple has always shared their moments and beautiful dates, evidenced by the lovely holiday pictures of the two lovebirds on social media.

Cody Garret and his ex-wife Kaley have a son called John. Donut has never talked about any topic regarding the ex-wife, especially for the reasons that lead to their divorce.

Donut Gave His Son the First Gun At 10

It’s infrequent to find a parent buying a gun for his child, especially at a very tender age of around 10. However, Donut Operator, an ex-police officer, managed to give his son John a gun because she believed John’s age was appropriate for owning a personal gun. John was given an AR 9mm gun that is similar to the AR-15 model. The Donut’s first gun was the Ruger 10/22.

Cody posted a video explaining why he chose the 9mm AR for his son. He said that the brand was pretty common in the US, and it lacked recoil modification. The gun cost him approximately 2000 dollars. Donut Operator is a responsible father, and he made sure that his son John understood all the basics of firearm safety and rules. Surprisingly, his son behaved well, and he responded as expected to all instructions.

Donut’s Net Worth

Most of Donut’s net worth is garnered from his profession as a YouTuber. His YouTube channel has more than 525 million viewers, translating to revenue of approximately $1 million before taxation. According to Socailblade, the Donut’s channel is estimated to make an annual income of between $12K and $200K every month.

In addition to over 2.5 million YouTube subscribers that Donut Operator has in his channel, he also has over 322k followers in Twitch, where he streams his videos. The current net worth of Garret is estimated to be around $1 million.


After leaving his career as a police officer, Donut Operator is now a renowned YouTuber with his content based more on what is happening in police service and law enforcement issues.  He only worked as a police officer for two years before the drastic change in his career.

He stopped being a cop to pursue the sole dream of teaching nude yoga classes to older women aged over 60. Still, other information states that Donut resigned from the Police force due to low pay, risks, and stressful activities in service. Of course, every profession has its risks, but maybe Donut found the dangers of working as a police officer to be more pronounced. He started his YouTube on 9th February 2016, and he has managed to make a lump sum amount that is higher than what he could earn as a police officer.

It’s not a walk in the park to switch from any career to work as a YouTuber. The field needs passion and commitment. Thankfully, Garret has all the virtues and other essentials that have enabled him to establish a robust base with his channel attracting new subscribers each day. If you want to understand the career experience of a police officer and get to know deeply about the cop’s footage as you give your opinion, you can visit Donut’s YouTube channel.


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