Was John Cena in the Military?

Was John Cena in the Military?

There are many myths surrounding the Services of John Cena.  He has immersed his hands in various industries and that is why he is well known in different sectors. One of the outstanding claims is whether John Cena has a military background or not. Many reasons make sense for you to believe that John Cen was in the Military.

If you’re wondering whether John Cena has a solid Military connection, then you need to know that he doesn’t have even one. John Cena incorporates the military mannerism and dress code into his wrestling persona to drive the rumours that he has been in the military service.

Despite not serving in the Military, John Cena still respects and supports the armed forces in whatever they do in personal or professional life. Some reasons make people believe that John Cen was in the Military. Let’s look at some of the common details.

The Wrestling Life of John Cena

John Cena started the wrestling profession in the 1990s. He used the wrestling persona “The Prototype”. In the beginning, Cena was not the household name, but the name she used made him a machine with robotic tactics. Perhaps the excellent skills of John Cena at the ring made the Wrestling fans think that he is linked to the Military.

After joining the World Wrestling Federation, he eventually made a contract with WWF. John had been a wrestling professional for some time before he decided to try acting. While he was still working with WWF John made big storylines that made him even more famous.

The Military Movies of John Cena

Suppose you’ve watched some of the military movies by John Cena, and you probably know less about his early life and other real-life endeavours. In that case, you might think that he is a military personality. He has a body build-up that is similar to someone in the armed forces.

John made a debut in movie acting with a film dubbed The Marine. The Marine was released in 2006 with an exclusive military theme. In 2010 John Cena started a legendary movie about the high school wrestler and a brother.

In addition to being a professional wrestler, John Cena is also a movie actor who has featured in various movies, including Bumblebee, Trainwreck and Daddy’s Home and Daddy’s Home part 2, among others. Cena didn’t get stuck at wrestling and movie acting alone. He has also made an extra mile to work with a tyranny of reality shows. He has hosted shows and ran interviews. In 2005 he released a studio album.

Notably, despite the various side hustles and bigger projects by John Cena, he is still making a regular appearance at wrestling competitions to keep his first profession active. John is not committed to making endorsements and acting like how he is always wrestling at the ring.

What Connects John Cena to the Military?

The connection of John Cena to the military picture is far much beyond his wrestling life and The Marine movie. He is used to wearing military clothes and the cultures to adorn his wrestling persona. Throughout the wrestling career of Cena, it has been identified that he appears at the platform with something that hooks him up to military service. That is why most people assume that the real-life John Cena is working in the Military field.

Besides the dress code, John Cena is used to saluting his fans before setting foot into the wrestling ring. In every wrestling performance, he portrays that to show big respect to the men and women in uniform. Seeing the frequent act of John making a salute, one might think that it’s the thing that he is used to, even when not in the wrestling competition. Now, understand it’s only a usual sign of respect to the Military troops, and John Cena is not in any way an ex-military service man.

Even if John Cena was not in the military, he is an avid and strong supporter of all the actions and programs of the armed forces. He is passionate about the military tunes, and he is always available in person to offer a hand to anything the military officer needs. One of the ways by which John supports the military troops is through working with fundraisers like the FitOps Foundation. FitOpts Foundation has dedicated programs that help the veterans qualify as personal trainers. Cena also works with different organizations that address the issues related to veteran suicide.


John often salutes and appreciates the Military, but he is not among the stars who have served.  After starting the wrestling profession, he has been the big star of all time. The multi-time champion upholds the Military in high regard. He is only part of the Military through the support and services he offers to the veterans.

Some of the WWE stars that have gone through the Military include Lacey Evans, Kevin Nash, Freddie Blassie, Sgt Slaughter and Randy Orton.

Lacey Evans has spent some time in military training, and she has featured in various WWE fights. Kevin Nash is a basketball player, and he has even played in the NCAA. He has featured in the European leagues before joining the Military Police Company.

Freddie Blassie is a person who has an incredible story about the Military. He is a WWE legend and a World War II veteran who played his roles at the US navy. Freddie is an accomplished wrestler who managed the big names in wrestling like Muhammed Ali, Hulk Hogan and Iron Sheik.

Sgt Slaughter is a business legend and the WWE champion. After high school, he joined United States marine troops before picking up with the wrestling profession; Sgt started his wrestling career as Super Destroyer II. He used to wear a mask, and he is remembered as the hard-nailed Sgt Slaughter in WWE. Finally, the greatest WWE star for the current generation, Randy Orton, was part of the US Marine Corps. Orton spent only a year in Military service before indulging into his true calling of wrestling.


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