Libby Offutt Bio: Early Life, Education Background, the Ex-Partner-Randy Moss, Children, Net Worth

Libby Offutt

Who is Libby Offutt?

Many people know Libby Offutt as a sportsman’s partner and American Personality; she lives in St. Albans, West Virginia. Libby Offutt once had a relationship affair with Randy Moss. Randy Moss is a former American Football player who joined various teams under NFL during his term. Among them is the San Francisco 47ers.

Libby Offutt had a lengthy and tumultuous engagement with Randy Moss, and they were blessed with five children. In 2016 Libby made the headlines after Moss accused her of spending approximately $4 million of his finance on Drugs. In addition, Mossy added more accusations about her former girlfriend for abandoning their kids. Randy Mossy was then forced to step down from his sports career to look after the children. Libby Offutt refused the stated accusations saying that her farmer boyfriend was accusing her falsely to win her children’s custody.

The sports industry is more than that exceptional trimming of athletes and their future life. The athlete’s personal life also takes some limelight when it comes to top-notch love life. That is why Libby Offutt and Mossy at first hard an adorable relationship which lightened up their life, and later they made a juicy gossip that caught the attention of many. Libby Offutt is renewed in NFL because of dating and making gossip with the NFL star Randy Mossy.

Ultimately, she might be feeling wholesomely good for being a celebrity best known for being the NFL player’s former girlfriend. Apart from their clamorous love affair that educated many, their romance also caught their followers’ eyes on different social media platforms. The saddest part is how the racial comments grew so fast and wild until they separated the two hot lovers.


Quick Facts About Libby Offutt 


Full Name Elizabeth Ann Offutt
Age 44 years
Date of Birth 1st November 1975
Place of Birth St. Albans, West Virginia.
Other known names Libby Offutt
Relationship Status Unmarried
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education background Riverside High School (DuPont High School)
Father Frank Mongomery Offutt
Mother  Margarette Offutt
Siblings Two sisters
Height 5 feet 6 inches(168 cm)
Weight 62 Kgs (136 lbs.)
Hair Color Blonde
Body Measurements 40-30-38 inches
Eye Color Blue
Former Partner Randy Moss
Children Five
Net Worth $100 Thousand
Social Media Platform Instagram
Favorite Color Black
Reason for fame  Randy Moss
Hobbies Reading, Listening to Music, Watching TV

Early Life and Education Background

The prominent celebrity girlfriend, Offutt, was born in West Virginia as Elizabeth Ann Offutt. She was raised by her parents Margarette Offutt and Frank Montgomery Offutt. Offutt couple brought up Libby and her two sisters, Jennifer and Angela, however nothing much is known about the two love-birds. Unfortunately, Libby’s father died on 28th November 2012 after being diagnosed with a rare degenerative condition called autonomic failure.

Libby Offutt went through Saint Albans High School based in Kanawha County, West Virginia, during her education journey. After public high school, Libby Offutt attended the Riverside School. She excelled wholesomely in swimming and other sports throughout her schooling years.

Age and Measurements of Libby Offutt

Elizabeth Ann or famously known as Libby Offutt was born in 1975. Therefore, as of 2021, she has 46 years. Her birthday falls in November each year. She is an American from a white ethnic group.

Libby is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 62 Kgs. Her body measures flow as 40 inches- 30 inches -38 inches.  She typically shows up impressively well for her age of 40s. Her blue eyes are stunning and complemented awesomely by the long blonde hair.

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Libby Offutt and Randy Moss

As of now, we know how it went with the shaking relationship between Randy Moss and Libby Offutt.  However, there are questionable actions that everyone would wish to know about the retired NFL player and her first girlfriend. They dated with Libby for a long period, and it was clear that she valued the bond that existed between them. Therefore, when did the two started dating?

Libby and Randy’s dating history is dated back to their energetic days when they were studying at high school. The two shared the same institution called DuPont High School. Randy showed impressive performance in sports such as basketball, track events, baseball and obviously football.

Besides, Randy Moss also participated in debate programs, a rare thing from football jock. When he met with Libby Offutt, their interaction was admirable, and within a very short time, they had special attention to each other.

The high school sweethearts enjoyed their interracial relationship despite many people bulling and thrashing them with racist comments.  The duo didn’t flatter, and they even stuck together than never before.

Days went very fast, and the two saw their love getting into another higher level that Libby Offutt got pregnant with Randy’s child.  Therefore, the celebrity’s girlfriend gave birth to her first child while still studying at high school. That was not a strange thing since the two had a passionate love for each other. A daughter was born on 6th March 1994, and the couple named her Sydney Nikale Moss.

As it had been projected, Libby and Randy saw the racist comments intensify to the extent that the two suffered badly from the associated consequences. This time the wave came strong, and both sides were weak and unaware, taking them directly to ground zero. At some point, Randy Moss found himself fighting against a certain nasty comment that stripped him the chance of taking part in Notre Dame Fighting Irish football.

Things continued to worsen until Randy lost the Notre Dame Scholarship after spending three days behind bars in the South Central Regional Jail, West Virginia. He went forward to completing the 27 punishment days within the next 18 months. That is a very long time that changed the life perspectives of Randy Moss dramatically.

How Libby Offutt and Randy Moss fell apart is horrifying and saddening. The downhill of their engagement was directed to unacceptable and unfriendly remarks that were made against them. The couple also had some other internal problems during their progress. 

They topped the headlines in 1996 after being arrested for domestic violence. Libby Offutt recorded the statement saying that their arguments unexpectedly heated up, and within no time, it had turned into a fight where Moss threw her hot and steaming water.

Despite the endless fights between Libby Offutt and Randy Moss, the two never gave up on each other. Instead, love still prevailed in the air, and that pushed them to give birth to other four children, namely, Sylee, Montigo, Thaddeus and Senali.

They failed to get even closer after having children. Another incident happened whereby Libby Offutt filled restraining order against Randy in 2018. A physical assault followed whereby Libby was severely injured by cuts over her arms and the neck. The restraining order was scrapped by the judges following the referral to the previous court proceedings and procedures. 

Finally, after Libby Offutt and Randy Moss had experienced the two edges of best and worst, they parted ways, and everyone went in a different direction.

Personal Life

The life of Libby Offutt after breaking-up with Randy Moss was slightly low-key. Her fame in the form of public awareness dropped. Moss continued with marriage life after marrying Lydia. Offutt stayed single, and up to now, there is no official communication that has stated that Libby Offutt is involved in another relationship.

The most surprising thing is that, after the separation of Libby and Randy, problems affecting the two never settled. Randy attacked Libby in December 2016 with the sentiments that she had spent his $4 million on drugs and that the former girlfriend had refused professional help for her condition. To make the matter worse, Randy pointed at Libby’s negligence which made her forget about the children. However, Libby denied the allegations and Randy was forced to quit the football career to look after his children.

Libby Offutt opened up and informed the public how Randy and Lydia had prohibited her from meeting her children. I December 2017, Libby’s mother backed the claim, and it was clearer for the public to understand what transpired.

Libby Offutt and Her Children

Libby Offutt is a charming mother of five children. The eldest daughter is a basketball player playing at NCAA Division III. Thaddeus followed her father’s footsteps and became a footballer; He played for Lincoln High, Boone County High School, Victory Christian Center High School, Saint Albans High School, and NC State Wolfpack.

Of the other three Libby’s children, Sylee and Montigo are footballers, while Senali is an active basketball player.

Libby Offutt Net Worth

Libby Offutt has stayed quiet after losing a relation with Tandy Moss that could bring her to the limelight. Her net worth is approximately $100 thousand. Unfortunately, her actual income source remains unclear at the moment, but during her engagement with Randy, they used to share the $62 million fortune.



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