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Joy Taylor

Who is Joy Taylor?

Joy Taylor is a renowned radio personality who runs an American TV show on Fox Sports 1.  She was born in Pittsburgh on 17th January 1997. Joy is the beloved daughter of Georgia Taylor and Anthony Taylor. The most interesting thing about Joy’s family is that her parents came from different edges of the world and built one stable family that cannot be matched to any other. 

Her mother is a Caucasian, while their father is an African-American. Therefore Joy is a multiracial individual with two siblings named Noah and Jason. Her brother Jason is a retired footballer who played in the National Football League as a defensive planner between 1997 and 2011.

Joy Taylor’s excellence in the media and communication industry has offered her a broad fan base who typically come with a massive following on various social media platforms. She is a moderator in a show called “Skip Shannon: Undisputed,” which is usually aired on Fox Sports 1.   Joy once hosted the Thursday Night Live & Fantasy Football Today on

Apart from being a prominent TV host, Joy Tylor is also a blogger in entertainment, lifestyle, and sports. She owns a website called, where she updates a lot of modern-day information to her audience emerging from different parts of the world.

Joy Taylor has a special sense of humor and impeccable presentation skills that make her stand out among the various individuals working in the same media industry. She is recognized as a super talented host who has robust capabilities of lighting up the audience’s moods while reporting.

She is the real-queen when it comes to sports news. Someone must comment on how confident and beautiful she is.  The charming and ambitious lady is always dressed with style.

Quick Facts about Joy Taylor


Full name:  Joy Allison Taylor
Date of birth 17th January 1987
Place of birth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Joy Taylor age 34 years (as of 2021)
Nationality American
Ethnicity  Mixed-race
Relationship status  Divorced
The Ex-husband Richard Giannotti
Profession  Radio personality, Radio Jockey, TV Anchor
Net worth  $1 million
Sun Sign Capricorn
Siblings Jason Taylor
Pet Cat


Education Background


Joy Taylor is a graduate of the University of Barry. He joined the institution to pursue a Broadcast communication degree, and in 2009 she finalized her bachelor’s education journey. While studying in the university, the radio personality used to host a TV show called “The Noise,” and she was also privileged to work as the WBRY 1640AM University’s radio manager.

Joy Taylor The Career Life

After working at the WBRY 1640 AM, she joined to host the Thursday Night Live & Fantasy Football Today. Joy Taylor later joined Fox Sports 1 in 2016.  She also started as the executive producer at 790 AM The Ticket before becoming the co-host of the morning sports show of the same channel called “The Ticket Morning Show.”

She made her first TV appearance in March 2016, where she served as a reporter of the “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” talk show. Within a very short time of her practice, she became the moderator of the “Skip and Shannon Undisputed” debate show at Fox Sports 1. Finally, she is also a blogger who writes masterpiece articles related to the media industry.

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The Personal Life of Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor is currently divorced, but she was back then married in February 2016 to Richard Giannotti. The two had a lavish wedding which was a ceremony lead and held at Fort Lauderdale. Her husband was a popular baseball player who portrayed his unshaken talent and skills while playing for Los Angeles Angels. Sir Richard played the team’s minor leagues from 2004 to 2006, after which he transitioned to being a financial adviser. He worked at Global Wealth Management Sports and Entertainment.

Richard Giannotti and Joy Taylor ended their marriage officially in 2017. Their marriage lasted for barely a year. Later, rumors and speculations emerged stating Joy was dating Earl Watson, the retired NBA coach. The rumors were later confirmed in September 2018 after Earl proposed to Joy Taylor, and the radio presenter agreed to get married again. The duo also broke off their engagement after approximately one year because of undisclosed reasons. Since November 2019, the radio personality is single.

The Measurements of Joy Taylor

Have you been wondering how tall the famous TV personality is? Here are the answers. Joy Taylor is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 59 kilograms. The hot presenter has an hourglass body composed of 37 inches bust, 27 inches waist, and 38 inches hips. Her dark hair and dark brown eyes crown her to an energetic and gorgeous lady who is always prepared to convey greatness to the show.

Joy Taylor Net Worth

Joy Taylor is a famous name in American media. The radio personality is paid $75,000 by Fox Sports 1. Apart from Fox’s salary, she also receives a lump sum amount from his podcast called “Maybe I’m Crazy.” The net worth of Joy Taylor is estimated to be approximately $1 million, according to the analysis reports published in 2021. She is never short of opportunities and dedication; that is why she does blogging, among other stuff that generates a lot of money.

Joy is a successful radio and TV personality who has been serving in the media sector adequately for years now. The professional performance of Joy Taylor has made her move steadily higher her career time after time, and she is now the leading sensational presenter.

Joy Taylor and Social Media

The radio presenter has over 56.3k followers on her Facebook page and approximately 136.7k Twitter follows. Her Instagram followers of 376k are the highest of the other platforms, and she is always gaining more fans each day.

She is an avid social media enthusiast who uses her little available time to share with fans from different bases. She is friendly and communicates with anyone who is up for good vibes. The same receptive and humble behavior on various social media sites has made her lovable by many.

How Joy Taylor Rose to Prominence

While in Barry University, Florida, Joy Taylor was a very proactive student in sports media, which made him establish a personalized show called “The Noise.” As he rose up until she became an Institution’s radio manager, she also won a prestigious scholarship from Dwight Lauderdale. After graduation, she had built a robust network that made her land directly to the right positions in organizations such as

Interesting Facts About Joy Taylor

To begin with, Joy Taylor is the fan’s favorite presenter in the whole of Miami. She works in sports talks, showing her unique hosting skills and advanced knowledge, making her the iconic media personality. Her moderation at Fox Sport 1’s show confirms that Joy Taylor is not an ordinary stranger in the sports industry. She has a brother who played NFL and gave blissful results to her team. Therefore, it’s a proven fact to conclude that Joy Taylor is a sports enthusiast who is not afraid to speak out her mind and defend what she believes it’s a perfect choice for her and the fans.

Joy’s pet is a cat, and she finds it really fascinating to have a puppy rather than a dog. She feels cool enjoying the extraordinary life with her pet, and sometimes she is low on unfortunate occasions that take her far from her puppy.

Joy Taylor has a very distinctive laugh that usually dresses her show diligently. It’s something she has been viewing as disadvantaged, and fortunately, now it’s a signature thing to her. Some people find it funny, contagious, and sadly, some might find it annoying. However, that is the natural laugh from Joy Taylor, and she feels proud of it.

In the course of her high school and college life, Joy played basketball. She could find it slightly challenging to balance sports and studies throughout her childhood life, but she decided to pay good attention to other colleagues performing in sports. That is what contributed immensely to her growth as a sporting personality.

When Joy Taylor is not watching any sports events, she is either on the “Law and Order SUV “or “Say yes To Dress” shows. She finds Twitter as her favorite social medial platform because she considers the site more supportive when it comes to audience interaction and building conversations.

Throughout her life, Joy Taylor has been on a mission to make things more excellent than how she found them. Her aspirations are complemented by sharp focus. Everything Joy Taylor does, she approaches it with full energy and effort. She believes that goal setting is the ultimate input that people struggling with their careers and fitness concerns need to emerge victorious over various hurdles.

Focus is the biggest thing that has helped Joy Taylor take undisputed shape in the Media sector. Since her childhood, she had a goal of becoming a top-notch presenter, and now she is living her dream. 


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