Jimmy Garoppolo Girlfriend

Jimmy Garoppolo girlfriend
San Francsico 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) smiles after defeating the Dallas Cowboys during their preseason NFL game at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 24-21. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Loves and Affairs

Jimmy Garoppolo, born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, on November 2 1991 to Tony and Denise Garoppolo. He attended Rolling Meadows High School where he played as a quarterback for the school team. He later enrolled at Eastern Illinois University and played for the Panthers for a few years and earned a position in the Newcomer Tea mat All-Ohio Valley Conference.

Jimmy got the Walter Payton Award for the Division 1 Football Championship and surpassed Tony Romo’s school records in several areas.

He was, unsurprisingly, drafted into the NFL in the second round in 2014 acting as Tom Brady’s backup in the Super Bowl’s in 2014 and 2016. He did start in the first game of the 2016 season. He had played six games in his debut season and five next season.

Jimmy Garoppolo made headlines with the 2017 deal with the San Francisco 49ers to be their quarterback. This deal made him a household name with National Football League (NFL) fans. Now his on-field and off-field performances are, widely, discussed as many women would take the chance to be his girlfriend especially considering the 137.5-million-dollar 49ers deal. Jimmy likes to keep his private life out of the news but being one of the top NFL stars does not allow him to stay out of the media. Naturally, Jimmy’s love life has been a hot media topic for a while.

Very little is known about Garoppolo’s dating life, if he has a girlfriend, she is being kept out of the public eye. However, he was spotted in public with Alexandra King, an Instagram lifestyle model and social media star from Boston. It was  rumoured they had been together since 2017 and, in February 2018, King even posted on her Instagram a picture of them together calling him her “valentine.” The pair were further seen together holding hands at Disneyland a month later and even kissing in San Jose, California, at the end of June 2018. This was the last time they were seen together in public.

Alexandra King: Garoppolo’s Girlfriend

Alexandra rose King, born on May 27, 1995, making her 26, to Martin King and Stacey King. King has two elder brothers, Timothy and Trevor, born in 1989 and 1993 respectively. She studied at the University of Massachusetts, then the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Alexandra King rose to mainstream fame fairly recently, and before that, she seemed to be making mysterious business decisions to her fans. First posting images of herself to Instagram in 2016, she revealed how she played lacrosse. A combination of sexy outfits, charm and her looks were enough to garner the attention of thousands and gain a following on the social media platform. Rising popularity led to more revenue and endorsements from popular brands. Being linked to Garoppolo also drove her star higher and faster than she might have gone otherwise. 

King took everyone by surprise when she announced her relationship with the San Francisco 49ers new quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. Reports even began to circulate that Alexandra had been in a relationship with Jimmy before he signed with the 49ers maybe when he was still with the New England Patriots. Several pictures emerged in the media showing Jimmy and Alexandra as a couple, some even in Alexandra’s profile.

Paradise did not last long for the couple, and after going public, not only was there no mention of the relationship on Garoppolo’s social media profiles, he refused to comment on it and never publicly acknowledged the relationship. He has even stated that the relationship was ‘news to me’ when asked. Jimmy insisted their relationship was nothing more than a casual friendship.

In July 2018, Garoppolo was photographed having dinner with adult entertainer Kiara Mia. This seemed to instantly break Garoppolo’s and King’s relationship and as a result, King deleted all photos displaying Garoppolo from her Instagram shortly after their breakup. Kia however said that Jimmy was just her friend.

That same year, in 2018, Garoppolo suffered an ACL injury, ending the season for him. King then uploaded a story on her Instagram with the word ‘karma’ seemingly throwing shade at him. 

The relationship with Garoppolo benefitted King’s career, raising her net worth also grew to about $250 thousand. Her social media account with Instagram grew, though it seems she made her account private and removed all posts from it. She also has a YouTube channel where she used to post makeup tutorial videos and vlogs but it does not have any videos posted anymore.

Kiara Mia: Jimmy Garoppolo’s Date

Jimmy Garoppolo went on a date with Kiara Mia in July 2018 when he was possibly still in a relationship with Alexandra King. This is supposedly what ended his relationship with King.

Kiara Mia was born on May 20, 1967, as Deanne Marlene Munoz in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, to strict and highly spiritual Latino parents. Kiara wanted fame and a career in the mainstream movie industry and subsequently joined acting classes when she was 14. She could not reach her goals and achieve her dreams. She did however work as a web designer and is still doing it.

Kiara, through her passion and determination, struggled to reach the film industry and eventually had a chance to appear in the action crime movie Harsh Times alongside Christian Bale and Eva Longoria. She also appeared in Beach Heat: Miami, which lasted for 2 seasons, 2010 – 2012, on the Showtime network, and later in 2015 the comedy Maul Dogs.

Kiara’s desire to become a success in Hollywood did not go as she had expected and many of her friends had started their career in porn in their early 20’s. In mid-2010 she entered the adult industry, first filming for Brazzers and immediately started gaining fans. She then worked with Playboy productions and Wicked pictures.

Just a few years later, she became one of the top MILF stars and has been nominated at the 2012 Nightmoves Awards and other adult-industry-oriented award shows. She has featured in more than 100 porn videos.

Considering how high-profile Jimmy is, many were surprised he would go out with Kiara and meet her where any passing journalist or aspiring journalist could see them together without worrying about any potential fallout. It was reported they were still texting and communicating, and the pair did not seem to be in a rush to make things official and start dating. They seemed to be comfortable with each other, enjoying each other’s company and walking hand in hand. This was, however, reported before march 2020 and nothing new has been added to their story since then.

Kiara said Jimmy treated her with nothing but respect and appreciation even sending flowers after their date, impressing Kiara even more. If a second date took place it was probably in private and intimate as jimmy seems to prefer it. This however may just be rumors and speculation as reported by as there has not been any word from either Garoppolo or Kiara affirming such rumors.

Kiara is one of the more famous people in the porn industry has been performing there for more than a decade now. She has earned a fortune in her career and is also earning through her Instagram account with millions of followers though that seems to have gone down. She also has a Facebook page and Twitter account where she interacts with her fans.

Over about five years, Jimmy Garoppolo was, romantically, linked to two women and even then, he denied being in any romantic relationship with either of them. Any details of their relationship were from King’s now-defunct Instagram page or, in the case of Kiara, third parties commenting on the relationship or lack thereof.

Jimmy, in an interview with TMZ, said, “Life is different now, my life, off the field — I’ve never really been big on being very public with things, even on social media. I am not on there a ton. But my life is looked at differently.” 

“I’m under a microscope. It’s like [49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan] said, it is a good learning experience. Just have to take it in stride. It is what it is.”

These statements seem to indicate he will be more careful with where he meets his dates and he will work harder to keep out of the media’s line of sight when off the field. He may have succeeded as there is no other person linked to him romantically in public since then. As far as anyone knows, Jimmy Garoppolo is not in a romantic relationship  currently.


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