Is Ryan Seacrest Gay?

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay?

Ryan Seacrest is a superstar in television series. He hosts American Idol, Co-host Live! With Kelly & Ryan, and also works as the producer of the program Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Ryan takes his career life seriously, and he always shows up for his duties when in a stylish dressing at the bar with the fashion trends.

However, how is the love life of Ryan Seacrest? There have been rumors that Ryan is gay.  That might be due to the fact that he is very keen about his looks, or either way, his banter with Simon Cowell on the American Idol has a hand on it. Cowell is always fond of calling Seacrest “Sweetheart.”

Since the start of his career and his close relationship with Simon Cowell, Rayan Seacrest has been battling the rumors that he is gay, but he is not. Seacrest has straight relationship status, and he has various girlfriends brought into books to align the records and the required proof.

If you’ve considered digging into the love life of Rayan Secrets, let’s get to know why Ryan is claimed to be gay. First, the Curiosity about Ryan’s sexuality emerged from his excellent sense of fashion and how he cared too much about his style. Secondly, his closeness with a gay friend, Simon Cowell, has come out with many questions making people draw their own implications that the TV presenter is gay.

The Love Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan has dated several ladies throughout his life. At some point in 2006, Teri Hatcher and Seacrest were spotted by paparazzi kissing in public. Later, Hatcher informed Oprah Winfrey that they had been in a relationship with Seacrest a few months prior.

In 2009, Ryan dated Sara Underwood, the Playmate of the year. Their relationship was on and off, and in 2010 Seacrest jumped to another relationship along the process. He started to engage with the Dancing with the Stars winner, Julianne Hough. Julianne and Seacrest were in a relationship for three years before breaking up in the year 2013. The reason for Ryan and Julianne’s separation cited the consequence of the hectic schedule that they were experiencing.

Hough told the Redbook that she broke up with Ryan because there was nothing either bad or wrong, but there was still nothing to celebrate. She was forced to take her foot out to avoid being hurt. To stop too much ruffling of the feathers, Julianne Hough was made not to express what was on her mind. She needed time and the precise image that she was perfect.

Shayna Taylor has been part of the intense relationship that is holding Ryan Seacrest to date or maybe otherwise exist. Shayna is a personal chef and a model. Before moving to New York, the two dated for three years in Los Angeles. While in New York City, the couple shared the Manhattan apartment.

Ryan was drawn to Shayna Taylor because of her intelligence, beauty, and great cooking skills. They started with a mutual friendship in 2013, and everything rolled on well to their satisfaction. Unfortunately, in February 2019, Ryan and Shayna split. The source close to Taylor’s side states that Shayna expected more from the relationship.  Perhaps that was the natural progression to take the next step in life. The real issue of break up emerged when Shayna was ready to get married while Ryan was not there yet. Because Shayna Taylor couldn’t afford to convince Rayan Seacrest to settle for the marriage, it all erupted into a problem that made the couple split.

According to Ryan’s close friend, the circulating speculation that he is a guy is wrong and should be ignored at all levels. Looking at the love history of Ryan, it’s clear that he’s not gay. He loves women, and that is why he opted to change from one to another whenever his instincts drove him to do so.

Does Ryan Seacrest have Marriage Plans?

Ryan has a long dating history, and he has been through several flings. What his fans are waiting to hear now is whether he is ready to marry. Well, at first, does he even have a marriage partner before the plans? Despite falling into different ladies, Ryan might not be close to getting married, especially after the recent separation with Shayna Taylor.

When Ryan Seacrest was asked whether he had felt it more convincing to propose to a lady, the TV presenter said that at one point he had been too close, but he decided to change his mind maybe for a better course.

Seacrest’s age is now running close to 50 years, yet he is still single and not ready to settle with any women soon. He loves to have beautiful women, but it seems like he has a very busy schedule that is holding him back far away from marriage.


Ryan Seacrest is not gay; he is probably a real gentleman made to be called a lady-killer. Women love him for his style and fashion, and that is not an exemption to men who fall for his immersive cloth designs.  The close relation of Simon Cowell and Ryan shouldn’t be the reason enough for you to question the explicit sexuality of the American Idol judge.

When Ryan confirmed that his biological parents had been in marriage for approximately 50 years, he felt like it was a true inspiration. He believes that he will get the best woman to settle down with him forever when the appropriate time comes.

Chance are you might have heard about the claims that Ryan is gay because that is what caused higher sensations in the scene of Hollywood. In this case, you’ve seen a list of women that he has dated since he started his profession. Ryan rarely talks about his sexuality, but his close allies have come out to stop the claims that he is gay.

The fashion and style of a man don’t directly mean that he is gay. The delayed aspect of getting into marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is not straight. Not for something; Ryan Seacrest is not gay. He doesn’t seem to be dating now, even from the long list of ladies highlighted above. The rumor that Ryan Seacrest is gay is not from an official source.


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