Is Rogue Company Crossplay?

Is Rogue Company Crossplay?

Rogue Company is an online multiplayer video game with a third-person shooter. The player has to take control of the Rogue then engage in objective-based modes across different maps. In recent times, Rogue Company has been gaining extensive popularity and the fantastic news that everyone is anticipating to hear whether it supports Crossplay.

Rogue Company is the most played multiplayer game with the Hi-Rez Studio title. To answer the big question “Is Rogue Company Crossplay? Yes, it has a crossplay mode. Many gamers wish to play with friends, but once they send a request, the friend can’t receive the invitation, or everything doesn’t seem to work out well. Rogue Company has a crossplay for you to add any party to any platform of interest. No matter the type of platform you choose for Rogue Company, you can still have crossplay and crossprogress.

Sometimes, it might be a daunting task to play the beloved game from a new platform for gamers. Well, you might opt to switch ports to your favorite RPG with a great game to play on the go. However, it’s too procedural, and one might be distracted to slog through the chapters again and again. Is it worth it to start the beloved game from scratch using a new account?

Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, modern games now have to get an integrated solution in the form of cross-progression. With crossprogress, you can transfer the game progress from one platform to another. The cross-progression of Rogue Company also has the crossplay platform to make it a fast-paced game where you can team with friends from different parts of the world on any platform you play on.

The Benefits of Crossplay and Cross-progression in Rogue Company

The Rogue Company crossplay allows gamers to team up across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. With Crossplay, it means that you can play all kinds of games with your friends. You have the chance of adding anyone to the Rogue Company to team up with you or as an opponent.

Crossplay and cross-save have been among the most exciting features that give you what you want across all the systems for the Rogue Company lovers. To save your progress, you need to link accounts at You can use the following steps to register for cross-progression:

  • Step One: Visit and select the specific platform for login.
  • Step Two: If you’re at the Epic Games Store, you need to choose a suitable method for your login.
  • Step Three: Once you’re into your account, you will realize that your account is linked to the system.
  • Step Four: The next thing is to select the primary account in which the progress can be stored.
  • Step Five: Connect the Twitch.  Click on the +Link account to log in and also authorize Twitch. You need to add your email address to receive the regular Twitch drops. After that, you need to verify the names as listed under the Twitch title.

Now that your Rogue Company account is linked, any progress and purchases you make will be saved in real-time. However, you need to note that linking your accounts doesn’t mean that you can play across all the platforms you might need. Due to the difference in infrastructure, each platform will ask for an Access Key for you to participate, and that might be a bit complex to be applicable across all the sites.

In addition, if you’ve different progress across two individual accounts, after linking, you will only realize the crossprogress of the primary account, and that is where you can pick up your gaming experience. Luckily, if you decide to revert your mindset, you can change the other accounts as the primary.

How Crossplay in Rogue Company Works

For beginners, Crossplay is an essential feature that allows you to plan and play a game with anyone on various platforms as long as both of you have the game. If you want to enjoy the crossplay mode, you simply need to log in to the game and add your friend from whichever platform your group plays.

You can activate the Crossplay by going to the main menu and clicking on the plus sign on the right-hand side of the menu. An editing field will be created for you to type your friend’s account name or username. If your colleague is online at that moment, they will be added instantaneously to the party. If you’re not playing a game with a friend, you can skip the steps and proceed to pair.

How to Invite a Friend to Rogue Company

In the Rogue company lobby, there is a section for parties on the right side marked with three icons with a sign of plus. When you click on the plus, you can view the available friends, those who are offline or even the team that is currently playing. Choose a friend to invite to the party from the list.

The type of friend to invite all depends on your preference: choose someone available if you need an urgent game. If you’ve another friend in mind to play the game with and want them to be part of your group, you can click on the tab of add friend and fill in all the required fields, and the invitation is being sent immediately.

Turning off the Rogue Company Crossplay

Rogue Company has a crossplay, but you can stop it to engage with the players who are using a console similar to yours. You can switch off the Crossplay by opening the settings section, selecting the social tab, and switching off the Crossplay. However, you need to know that might cause longer queuing times since you won’t actively attract other players.

Finally, as you join the Rogue Company bandwagon for the first time, you can have an incredible gaming experience by understanding how the cross-save/cross-progression and Crossplay work in giving you the best. There is a guarantee that you will reap what you expect from the cross-platform multiplayer of Rogue Company with your friends.

All the above are fantastic details about Crossplay and cross-progression in Rogue Company. Thet are too important for you to add to a bunch of your discoveries as you enjoy the gaming experience!


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