Is Henry Cavill Gay?

Is Henry Cavill Gay?

Henry Cavill is among the biggest brand names of the film industry. He is an ordinary movie star and an exclusive member of a group of actors who have the privilege of expressing the traits of superheroes. In worse scenarios, Henry has once been dubbed the unluckiest actor in Hollywood after missing prominent roles. However, he is now a famous performer who has various exciting roles. How much do you know about Henry Cavill?

There have been circulating rumors that Henry Cavill is gay.  He is a Superman star from the “Man of Steel” movie, but he is also a real man. The gay rumors emerged when the public noted photos of him being with Corie Spears. Corie is a gay and an old friend of Henry who has influenced him to be an actor and blogger. The close relationship between Corie Spears and Henry Cavil has prompted many questions that suggest that Henry is gay like Corie.

Is Henry Cavill Gay?

Henry Cavill lhas never confirmed whether he is gay or not. Going with the history of his relationship, it can be concluded that Cavill is not gay. Furthermore, it’s comfortable to say that Henry and Corie are just best friends from all indications.

The Early Life of Henry Cavill

Henry William Cavill was born on May, 5th 1983, in Jersey, Channel Islands. He attended different schools in England and Jersey. Among the various schools that Henry attended are Stowe School and St. Michael’s Preparatory school in Buckinghamshire, England.

At a very tender age, Henry fell in love with acting, and that is why he took part in a number of school plays like A Midsummer’s Night Dream and Grease. When he turned 18 years old, he made a debut in his profession after landing on Thomas Aprea’s role in a 2001 film called Laguna.

After officially making the first step into the filming industry, Henry Cavill was featured in other TV series and movies such as Red Riding Hood, The Count of Monte Cristo, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Stardust, and Tristan & Isolde. Throughout his career in the filming industry, Cavil has landed in various roles that propelled him to the world celebrity that we know today. The latest accomplishment is the one from the Superman franchise.

Henry Cavill in a Relationship or Married?

How much do you know about the love life of Henry Cavill? Since the viral leak of Cavill and Corie Spears, people don’t seem to think straight with Henry Cavill. The two are said to be old friends who are physically comfortable with the status of each other. However, is the kiss on the cheeks more than a friendly thing? Well, despite the various allegations, Henry Cavill is not gay.

Since Henry Cavill has said nothing official about the people’s speculations saying they are more than friends with Corie Spears, is he married or in a relationship with someone else?

Cavill is not married, but he has engaged in a relationship with different ladies of diverse endeavors. The first Henry’s publicized relationship was when he used to date Ellen Whitaker somewhere between 2011 and 2012. Ellen, an English equestrian, got engaged with Cavill in 2011 February, but the couple later broke in August 2012 due to unknown reasons.

In 2013 Henry Cavill started another relationship with the former MMA fighter actress and a TV personality, Gina Carano. The two had an on-and-off relationship. There were many issues between the two, and they resolved to end the relationship in 2014.  Henry Cavil couldn’t stop at that; therefore, he moved on quickly to date with Kaley Cuoco, the Big Bang Theory actress. There came another fling that Henry had never witnessed before. The bond between him and Kaley only lasted for twelve days.

October 2015 was another pleasant moment for Henry Cavill to try out if he can make to settle with another lady. He dated Tara Kinga, and the relationship broke the headlines and raised eyebrows since Tara was 13 years younger than Henry. In fact, Tar King was still studying at the time she dated Henry Cavill.  The relationship only lasted from October 2015 up to May 2016.

Cavill then moved to stuntwoman Lucy Cork. The two meet during the setting of the Mission Impossible movie. Their relationship only lasted for approximately a year from 2017 up to 2018. Now the two are back together and are believed to be dating again.

Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Henry Cavill

He Loves Very Weird Animals

Henry has a perfect body which is probably not devoted to attracting ladies or making him an idle husband. However, the Superman actor is committed to protecting wildlife. He is always on regular fundraising and campaigns as an animal advocate.

Henry Loves Running

Apart from spending hours at the gym to maintain the physique of a superhero, Henry Cavill is also an avid runner. He loves supporting the road races that are steered for charity. Since he loves running and is too much into the protection of wildlife, Cavill took part in the Durrell challenge of 13 kilometers road race that aimed to support programs that help protect endangered animals.

He Loves Video Games

Cavill is a refined gentleman who doesn’t just spend hours playing video games for the sake of it, but it’s actually what he likes doing the most. He admitted his passion for video games during an interview with the GQ. Henry stated that he would rather play video games at any time than the option of going out. The favorite video games of Henry Cavill Include: The Witcher, Skyrim, and World of Warcraft.

Henry Cavill Has Quite a Large Family

Henry has four brothers, namely Simon, Charlie, Nik, and Piers. The second oldest brother of Cavill is Nik, who took the Superman role in real life after being decorated as the Soldier of the Royal Marines. Nik has also completed various duties in Afghanistan and Iraq in operations staged to help capture the Taliban Commander.



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