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How To Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

How To Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

Over time, OnlyFans has gained popularity as it’s a platform where content creators can share their content and make a decent earning. Adult content creators in the platform are among the leading earners making over $ 20,000 monthly. One of the features that people like about the OnlyFans is that you can keep your identity anonymous.

If you want to feature, share your content, and make money online without showing your face, then OnlyFans is the right place for you.

How To Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

Here are ways that can help you make money at OnlyFans without showing your face.

Create An Anonymous Account

If you want to conceal your identity, it has to start from creating your OnlyFans account. Here are some of the things you need to know, 

● Do not use your real names when creating the account

● Ensure you do not use your real photo either as the cover or profile photo in your OnlyFans account.

● Create a new email address to use in the OnlyFans account

● While submitting account details, you have to use your real names and bank account details to access your cash. 

After creating an anonymous account, you must ensure that hackers do not crack your account and conceal your real identity. The best way to protect your privacy in an OnlyFans account is by using a Virtual private network(VPN).

You Can Show Off Other Body Parts

So if you choose not to show your face to your OnlyFans followers, then what will you show them instead? Worry not if you are hiding your face either because you don’t want to be seen by your friends and relatives, affecting your reputations, or because you have other more appealing body parts than your face. You prefer to be identified for than your face. If you are an adult content creator, and you want to show your fans your sexy boobs, booty, flat tummy, and so on, the good thing is OnlyFans has got you covered. 

After identifying your fans, create content that will satisfy their needs and be consistent in what you do if you want to make real money. In this platform, just like any other money-making venture, creating unique and quality content is vital.

Increase Your Following

You will surely make a vast earning if you have several followers and good content on the platform that fascinates your fans. It is even easier if you have a large following on other social media platforms because that means you already have the number. The only thing you need to work on is marketing your brand. 

However, if you do not have many followers on other platforms, don’t be scared as you can always increase your following by; Marketing your brand by following other content creators within your niche, and maybe slide into the DM of those who like and comment on the content. Let them know about you and what you do. Share your account details. They may like what you are offering and get to follow you.

Having a free OnlyFans account is ideal if you are starting out and without fans. When you have gained followers and are sure of the quality of your content, introducing a subscription fee will easily prompt the majority of your followers to continue enjoying your content by subscribing. Remember, even with the free subscription, you can still earn through tips and selling PPV content. You can also post regularly on Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram to attract followers to your OnlyFans account.

Having both a free and a paid account is advisable to succeed easily in OnlyFans while not showing your face. This way, your content attracts followers you can later entice to subscribe by offering them content they cannot resist paying for.

Consider Hiring An Influencer

Yes, suppose you want your brand to get recognition, a huge following, and subscriptions fast. In that case, it’s time to invest in having a significant influencer to promote your OnlyFans account without revealing your face. There are several sites where you can find influencers; however, consider legit sites like Fiverr, Instagram, or Twitter; be sure to do your research to avoid getting scammed.

The advantage of using influencers is that, if they enjoy a massive following on their social media platforms, e.g., Instagram, they sell your product to their followers and share your brand to a broader audience, increasing your brand recognition.

Choose A Marketable Niche

Depending on the content you are selling to your fans, some content sells faster without showing your face than others. Some of the niches that do well without necessarily showing faces include; gym bunnies, fit girls, Muslim, private body parts, e.g., ass, boobs, booty, etc.

In general explicit sexual content do well.

This is mainly because the consumers of this content do not necessarily care about the content creator. What matters to them the most is the content. You should, therefore, concentrate on creating content that your consumers will like. 

Create Quality Content

As a content creator, your sustainability in the market depends on your content’s consistency, quality improvement, and uniqueness. Remember, this is an industry where competition is very high. At OnlyFans, diverse content creators range from musicians, gym instructors, adult content creators, artists, etc. To remain relevant on this platform will mean satisfying your fans with your content.

If the content that people are getting from you is good, they will either pay for it by subscribing or giving you tips without being bothered by the fact that they haven’t seen your face.


If you are worried whether you would be able to make money at OnlyFans without showing your face, worry no more, and yes, you can make money at OnlyFans without showing your face.

Just make sure you have the followers, choose the right niche, create quality content that meets and exceeds your fans’ expectations for you to remain relevant in the platform, and, more importantly, to increase your earnings at OnlyFans.


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