How Tall Is Markiplier?

How Tall Is Markiplier?

When making the list of the tallest Hollywood stars, you might be tempted to Count Markiplier at least more than once. Markiplier’s height has been the center of big discussions, not forgetting the general physique that he holds.

Of course, you can’t compare him with Dwayne Johnson or any other giant who tends to stand above 6’4”. However, the height of Markiplier has sparked lots of curiosity.  Markiplier, who goes by the real name Mark Edward Fischbach was born on June 28th, 1989, and he is 179 centimeters tall. In other words, Markiplier is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. He weighs 79 kilograms, has dark brown eyes and his siblings include Jason Thomas Fischbach.

Who is Markiplier?

Mark Edward Fischbach, popularly called, Markiplier is a YouTuber based in the United States, actor, and television personality. He is also a game commentator with excellent game commentary skills that are coveted by many. Mark acknowledged the MarkiplierGAME YouTube channel by creating action video games and commentary videos on the gameplay.

The Early Life of Markiplier

Mark was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, at an Army facility called the Tripler Army Medical Center. Markiplier’s parents come from different races: His mother is Korean, while his father is German. He was brought up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Markiplier has an elder brother Thomas who grew up together under the Army family. Their father was an Army officer working for the United States.


Mark Edward, or famously Markiplier, studied at the University of Cincinnati. He pursued a course in biomedical engineering. It’s believed that Mark dropped out of school to start a new career as a YouTuber later. During his early education years, he attended Milford High school.

The Personal Life Of Markiplier: Is He Dating? How Many Girlfriends Does He Have?

Army Nelson and Markiplier have been in a relationship since 2015. Throughout that year their relationship had been kept secret, and no one could easily realize that Markiplier was dating. In 2016 the two appeared on the VidCon red carpet. When they were seen together, that attracted a lot of attention from the media who made the speculations, and it was later noted that Amy and Mark are dating. Markiplier has only one known girlfriend who is Amy Nelson.

Is Markiplier Gay?

Markiplier is straight, and he is not gay. In fact, since the year 2015, he has been in a serious relationship with Amy Nelson. The couple is consistently together, working on their YouTube videos.

The Professional Career of Markiplier

The career life of Markiplier is highly influential. He has been an actor not in one or two movies but several big movies and short films. The YouTube channel of Markiplier has over 18 million subscribers, and the figures are still climbing.

Smosh was the first theatrical comedy movie by Markiplier. However, his journey as a YouTuber started in 2012. Amnesia was the game commentary video that made a debut show for Mark. In 2014, Markiplier’s channel was ranked at number 61 among the best top 100 YouTube channels.

Markiplier has also worked in different Web and Television series such as the YouTube Rewind and Grumpcade. He has once been part of CrankGameplays and PewDiePie. Luminaries like Jimmy Kimmel and Jack Black have also worked with Markiplier.

Markiplier’s Awards

  • Ѕосіаl Gооd-Сrеаtоr: Рurроѕе Аwаrd 2019
  • Веѕt gаmеѕ ѕеrіеѕ Nоmіnее: Тhе Ѕtrеаmу Аwаrdѕ 2017
  • Dіаmоnd Сrеаtоr Аwаrd: YоuТubе Сrеаtоr Аwаrdѕ 2016
  • Веѕt Gаmіng Ѕеrіеѕ Nоmіnее: Тhе Ѕtrеаmу Аwаrdѕ 2016

Net Worth of Markiplier

As of 2021, Markiplier has a net worth of approximately $40 million. Most of Mark’s revenue comes from his activism in social media. In his social media accounts, he has a massive following, and that is why he opts to advertise the different brands for his videos on social media platforms. The YouTube channel of Mark with over 38 million subscribers still reigns with more than 14.6 insights. In addition, Mark builds his net worth from what he gains as an actor.

Interesting Facts about Markiplier That You Should Know

  • Markiplier is renowned for play-through horror video games and the video of indie like Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
  • Sometimes Mark runs the live streams through his channel. Many viewers usually stream the show, and that is a good course to help him raise the money for the reasons best known to him.
  • He publicized “А Неіѕt with Маrkірlіеr,” in 2019 with the aid of YouTube originals.
  • Mark intones musical tracks for his own YouTube channel. That typically gives him the tag as an all-rounded YouTuber.
  •  The live streams made by Markiplier are mostly staged to help him get some money for the charity events and organizations that are steered to help orphans and the needy.
  • The YouTube channel of Markiplier is all about elevating the gaming appetite of the viewers. Mark’s gaming videos have a piece of enticing information and antiphon videos. If you want to learn more about the top aspects of the game, non-attractive features, and other essential gaming details, check on the Markiplier gaming channel.
  • Mark left his studies to pursue his true calling as a YouTuber. He had passion in it, and his outstanding commitment to the same field is making him reap a lot.
  • During Mark’s schooling days, he was used to playing trumpet for his school. Perhaps that is where he sourced his incredible skill of incorporating catchy audio to the commentary video games.
  • There is a Маkе-А-Wіѕh Fоundаtіоn that is running to acknowledge the actions of Markiplier and to plan how fans can meet him in person.


Markiplier is 179 centimeters tall.  In reality, he is a charming person who doesn’t hesitate to show high-end love for his fans. When producing the movies, it’s a norm that he takes the chance to express utmost gratitude and gratefulness to his followers. Markiplier always confesses that without the help and support of his fans, he wouldn’t have managed to go the far he is now.

During the early days, Markiplier could avoid revealing his face. However, in his modern videos, he doesn’t hesitate to display himself to the public. Mark has a positive life outlook. He believes in social order and justice-making his fans believe and follow him.


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