Amy Polinsky Bio: Education Journey, Career, Marriage, Physical Appearance,  and Net Worth

Amy Polinsky

Who Is Amy Polinsky?

Amy Polinsky was born on the 16th of January 1980 in New York, USA. Her real full names registered on the birth certificate are Amy Danielle Schneider. Amy Polinsky is her nickname. She is popular for being the legal wife of Corey Graves, a former American professional WWE wrestler, newscaster, and sports commentator. Amy Polinsky is a suitable American coach, Gym teacher, personal trainer, and entrepreneur from Pittsburgh.

She was brought up on a family farm, thus, spent her childhood surrounded by wheat fields. Amy Polinsky could help her parents on the farm to cater to the necessities and make a living. This is where her interest in sports started developing. Amy, therefore, joined Career Connections Charter High School and completed it in the year 1998. She was then registered at Nova Southeastern University, where she did a BSc in Elementary education and graduated successfully. She proceeded to Waynesburg University and did special education.

Amy Polinsky is the founder and chief executive officer of Stay Down Inc. Company. She started this business to provide fitness classes, online training, gym products, modelling services, and beauty products. The 41-year-old Polinsky is a Christian and lives in Pittsburgh, New York City. Her parents and siblings are currently not known and unlikely to be mentioned.

Quick Facts about Amy Polinsky


Full Name Amy Danielle Schneider
Nickname Polinsky
Birth Date On the 16th of January, 1980
Place of Birth New York, USA
Nationality American
Age 41 years [per 2021]
Profession Fitness Trainer, Personal Trainer, Founder of Stay Down Inc., and Businesswoman.
Ethnicity White multiracial
Gender Female
Sun symbol Capricorn
Religion Christian
Current Home Pittsburgh
Height 168 cm
Weight 55 Kgs
Body measurements 34-24-32 inches
Shoe size 6
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Black
Marital Status Divorced


Amy Polinsky Education

As she was a young girl, Amy had a passion for physical activities. However, that did not stop her from studying and thus schooled at career Connections Charter High School. She was a very hardworking and intelligent student, and that made her perform very well. Amy later pursued her postgraduate with a Master’s Degree. She is now a certified Personal Trainer and Certified Aerobics Instructor.

Amy Polinsky Professionalism

Fitness Instructor

Having graduated as a teacher and gained teaching experience for several years, she abandoned teaching and married Corey Graves. Amy Polinsky loved her kids very much, and though she was no longer teaching them, she was still passionate about being a teacher. With her passion gained from teaching, she decided to pursue her career as a fitness instructor. This was her favorite as she loved sports from her childhood.

Later in June 2015, Steven Alvarez, the facilitator, joined hands together with Polinsky. Her husband, Corey Graves, founded a company called ‘’Stay Down Inc.’’ Covey has a tattoo of this saying on his fingers. This slogan was customarily used by Graves whenever he won. They used it as the company’s name since it had the significance of conveying life. However, the company was registered as ‘’Ruskin Florida’’. The general objective of the company was to provide all general fitness programs.

Currently, Amy is the vice-chair while Graves is the chair of the company. Their fellow partner Alvarez is a member of the board of directors for such companies.

  • Entrepreneur

Amy has always been a hardworking person. In the year 2013, she started her boutique called Basil Rose Boutique. The boutique was for all women, regardless of age, size, and shape. Anyone could find fitting clothes and accessories, suiting them together with friends.

Boutique lasted only for two years, and she decided to go back to Pennsylvania to look after her family. This was when Amy found that her husband Covey had been cheating her with Carmella, the WWE superstar. She decided to start the process of divorce. 

Amy told her community about her whereabouts, and they wished her nothing but the best in the future. She was optimistic to open another boutique as soon as she settled in her new residence. Nearly the end of July, Amy solved everything and closed the shop.

Amy Polansky’s Physical Appearance

  Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Being born in the year 1980, she is now 41 years old. Her birthday is on the 16th of January. The people in Pennsylvania typically have a sign whenever a child is born in January. Amy’s Zodiac sign happens to be Capricorn. It is believed that the people of this sign are known to be very hardworking, ardent, free-spirited, and so passionate.

These qualities rhyme with Amy Polinsky as she is also beautiful and with an alluring physical appearance. Amy is 5 feet, 6 inches tall when it comes to her height. She is around 55 Kgs. Polinsky has a luxuriant figure measuring 34-24-32 inches. She also has beautiful dark brown hair, which makes her so adorable.

Tattoo Modeling

Polinsky is greatly admired for her tattoos, apart from her beautiful figure and fabulous look. The lovely entrepreneur has an overabundance of tattoos all over her body. This became hard to hide from tattoo magazines and Photographers. In the year 2018, there was a competition of featured tattoos. Amy participated in the competition regarding the most popular magazines in the world of tattoos. Amy, unfortunately, failed to get to the concert but still enjoys posing and working with photographers.

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Amy’s Personal Life and Marriage

Amy Polinsky married Corey Graves in 2009. They had been in a relationship  for three years before deciding to have a closer engagement; they met in 2006, where their relationship started. The couple gave birth to two daughters and a son; the daughters were Lenny Page and Lola, while their son is Cash Polinsky.

It came to a certain point where Amy realized her husband had an affair with Carmella. It brought tension to her marriage and ended up over time. Amy has drifted away from social media, making it slightly difficult to reveal her current life. Covey, her divorced husband on the other side, frequently posts about his children.

Corey Graves Affair with Carmella

Amy Polinsky once accused her husband of having an affair with a WWE superstar by the name Carmella. She went into her Instagram account and wrote, “This may be unexpected for me to do, but I am hurt at the same time sad. I have been genuinely supporting a man for 11 years to accomplish his dream, only for him to knock me in the gut! I have alleged suicide attempts, alcoholism among the many others with him and immobile by his side. The kicker has found out that he has been sleeping with one of my daughter’s role models all along. Carmella and Corey Graves, I hope that you guys are really happy!’’

Polinsky then uploaded a photo of her family along with a text conversation with Graves. Graves wrote multiple messages stating that he is dead in his room at home. He continues saying he wanted to disappear forever and had come to terms recently that he needed to shut it all down. His last text was to Polinsky to make sure that kids knew he loved them.

After the early post, Graves replied to her, and Polinsky posted on his Instagram story. Graves said he got a call and recommended taking that post down because WWE will prosecute you. However, Amy removed the post on her Instagram account after the WEE authorities reached to her telling her to solve their personal issues.

It was already too late as the fans had already taken screenshots. It did not take time before the story was trending on various social media platforms. Later Carmella is said to be single and not doing anything to change her relationship status with Corey.

Why Covey Later divorced Carmella

It was discovered that Covey and Polinsky had delightfully married together. This made Camilla so frustrated, and their relationship did not take long before it fell apart. 

Hobbies and Likes of Polinsky

The fitness instructor and entrepreneurs like traveling, Shopping, Exercising, Gym, and swimming; these were facilitated by the boutique she had and the Gym. Her favorite actor is Dwayne Johnson. She always follows him on social media and feels highly impressed by the actor’s lookout. Jennifer Lawrence is also an Actress of her own, totally carrying the interests of Amy Polinsky. Polinsky had been to France, making it her favorite destination. Polinsky is a mother, and the mother’s happiness is to watch her children grow healthy. Therefore, the favorite food she likes is Chicken, Fish, Salad, and Pizza. She says that it has an incredible and so delicious taste.

Amy Polinsky’s Net Worth

Amy has been successful all along from being a fitness Trainer, Personal Coach, and Entrepreneur. She has made a significant amount of approximately $350,000. Even before closing her boutique, it was running smoothly and granted her huge earnings. 

Her former husband, Covey, is estimated to have a $1.5 million net worth. This is different from his annual earnings amounting to $500,000. It is believed that Amy also gets a share from the divorce agreement too. Amy also has revealed her assets and earnings to date.


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